Tortilla Pizzas

My mom had about 300 old Everyday Food magazines she was getting rid of. It was so fun to go through them all and tear out recipes to try (I’m sure I won’t actually cook the majority of them). This simple recipe for a Tortilla Pizza stood out…it looked so delicious and I by using a whole wheat tortilla instead of pizza dough, the calories are drastically reduced.

For this “pizza”, we coated the tortilla with some olive oil & crushed red pepper, then added diced tomatoes (drained from a can), mozzarella cheese, kalamata olives, feta cheese and fresh basil. WOW. Dan was so shocked when he came home from work and this was on his plate.

Doesn’t that look like pizza?

This “Almost Pizza” has me laughing about the SNL Almost Pizza skit. Hilarious.


Food Babe has a few great articles I wanted to share (and by great, I mean you want to kill yourself after reading them).

1) Is your Veggie Burger bad for you? 

  • This was a tough article to read. I LOVE Spicy Black Bean burgers from Morningstar. But if you really think about it, how can any of those processed burgers really be good for you? We have resorted to making our BBQ Cheddar Chickpea burgers instead, and will dabble in other homemade veggie burgers. Send any good recipes my way, please!

2) Be on the lookout for this carcinogen in your organic food!

  • Carrageenan  can be found in most milk substitutes and even infant formula. Of course the TJ’s soymilk I had in the fridge listed this in the ingredients. Bye, bye! Products I found that don’t use it are: West Soy Organic soymilk (I just use this in coffee) and Whole Foods Organic Almond Milk (I rotate out almond milk and organic whole milk for Ben).
  • Seriously though, this sh*t is in everything. Read your labels! Don’t even get me started on the fact that this is in Zico Chocolate Coconut Water.

Ok, time to get some rest. Heading to Central Park with Ben tomorrow. Can’t wait!


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