A few months back Dan went on a work trip to LA, and met up with his friend Greg. Every time we chatted, they were “juicing”. It made me laugh, thinking of these 2 guys, in a hotel room with a juicer and making different concoctions on their own. It all felt very California, yet Dan and I have decided to dive  into the world of juicing! We purchased a brand new juicer, and are a little too excited.

photo (38)

Fancy juice.

I have heard that beets are great for detoxing, and wanted a beet and kale based juice. (Interestingly enough, anytime we have now juiced with beets, I get a splitting headache, so we have not been using it anymore). We don’t eat nearly enough vegetables, so I think juicing is a great way to help fill that void in our diets. We aren’t using the juice for weight loss, but a supplement to our daily lives. We LOVE our juicer by Breville. It’s pretty easy to clean, too. Surprisingly the whole clean-up doesn’t bother me (and I hate doing dishes and any sort of cleaning). Maybe it’s just because I’m so excited to drink the colorful concoction I just made!

photo (39)


Food Babe has some good recipes, but for the most part, I just grab whatever fruits/veggies I have on hand and throw them in. I am also dying to try this detox tea as soon as I pick up some ginger (I recently bought a bunch of turmeric at Whole Foods to throw into juices). Anyway, the possibilities are endless! I love juicing, it is definitely here to stay. I need all the help/energy I can get while chasing around a 2 and a half year old 🙂

photo (40)

Juice life.


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