Lululemon Love

Since I started working part-time this summer, and simultaneously working out much, much more, I have been slowly rewarding myself with some much-coveted items from Lululemon. My old pilates clothes were really not cutting it (read: old pajamas) so once I was able to spare some of my work money, I did what any normal girl would do…I went shopping!!! My first purchase was a pair of crops. I LOVE them…I know they are expensive, but I basically wear them every day and they wash so well! I have since bought a fun yoga top that I also wear out, and 2 sports bras.

Lululemon Loves

I mean, how much do you love their stuff? It’s so versatile. I wore my yellow sports bra and yoga top all day in NYC recently (and it was about 100 degrees out).

Below is my newest Lululemon WISH LIST! I can’t wait to get a REAL yoga mat, another pair of crops, and at least one nice tank for pilates or for under my yogi shirt!

Lululemon Wish List

Here’s to rewarding yourself for getting in shape! Now let’s hope this rain goes away so I can take Ben on a nice long walk and get some exercise, followed by a Tone It Up video while he naps (or, more realistically, a nap for myself too).



3 thoughts on “Lululemon Love

  1. I must be really out of fashion or exercise but this is only the second time I’ve heard of this brand (even though it seems like I should have known about this much more!). But I agree, nothing better to motivate you to workout than fresh workout clothes. Sadly I’m still donning my old yoga pants from how many years ago… :/

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