Going Nowhere, Fast

Spin. My new obsession. If only I had unlimited funds to do pilates and spin classes all the time.

I used to dabble in a spin class at LA Fitness near our old condo in North Brunswick (so, we are talking when I was 26). It was fun, but I just wasn’t really that into exercise in general. It wasn’t like I had just had a BABY and was having trouble fitting into a normal pair of pants. Nowadays, exercise is a necessity. And I still can barely fit into a normal pair of pants!

My classes currently ran out at my Spin studio, and I’m missing it. A lot. I figure with the summer coming up, it’s pointless to sign up for another package. I did find a gym on Long Beach Island (where we’ll be spending many weekends this summer) that offers spin and pilates. AND PILOXING. Pilates and kickboxing? Sounds like a win/win to me!

Some people don’t get spin. You just ride a bike and go NOWHERE. You must first have a love for riding a bike. If you hate biking when you are going places (even a happy hour), then it’s definitely not for you. You must also love sweating. And being sore. And possibly being embarrassed. I don’t necessarily love all these things, but I really do enjoy going to spin. I always leave feeling like I had the best possible workout.

Doesn’t this look like FUN?

I am dying to try a Soul Cycle class. They are expensive but apparently totally worth it. The closest class is in NYC, so it’s not easy to just drop in for a class. We do, however, have a Flywheel class in MILLBURN, a 5 minute drive away. So I will be trying that in the near future.


On another note (food related of course), my homemade salsa yesterday was amazing. I am working on the slow cooker refried beans and will post about how they come out. Hoping I can even take a picture that isn’t disgusting.

Here are a few new recipes I’m itching to try:

Since coming back from Europe, I have become obsessed with pesto. I don’t think I actually ever had it before (GASP!). So, I really want to try to make my own. The food in Amsterdam and Paris was just so much fresher and less processed and healthier in general. I have already GAINED 5 pounds since being back. I actually lost weight on our trip (eating chocolate crepes, croissants & pizza).  I should probably blog about all the amazing food we ate while away. And the wine we drank (organic! cheap!). Good times.

Happy Friday!

(Side note: As you can see, I am having trouble coming up with a name for this blog that sticks. Ugh! I feel as if I am steering away from ONLY cooking, and adding in how I want our family to be healthier through diet and exercise, so hopefully I can figure it out before everyone thinks I am just losing my mind).


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