Eating Less Processed Foods

I just found this great website about a 100 day “No Processed Food” Pledge. Now, 100 days is a LONG time. But I am very interested in what they have to say and looking into ways to make everyday items we eat, instead of buying a processed version of it. I seem to struggle with some health issues, including always being tired, and I’m pretty sure it is linked to my diet (Boo).

Check out 100 Days of Real Food, and you can see all the recipes she lists for things that we don’t even think twice about buying in a store or reading the nutrition label for. Items like bread and tortillas are easy enough to make (a little time consuming), and I think if Dan and I just did that on a Sunday afternoon together, we could then be set for the week!

100 Days of Real Food just posted an interesting article linking autism to our diet. It makes total sense to me. You can read the article here. Something to think about.

I am going to try to make some of the basic recipes after a trip to Whole Foods this week! Challenge accepted! Well, let’s try a week before we go crazy and eat healthy for 100 days.


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