Losing the Baby Weight

I have decided it’s time to finally get serious about losing this baby weight. Yes, Ben is almost 20 months old, and no, it’s never too late. Once again the summer is coming up quickly and the thought of being in anything less than a sweater and jeans makes me want to cry a little bit.

Dan and I have made plenty of healthy recipes on this blog, and I am going to need to add them to the rotation a bit more. One of the struggles I have with being a stay-at-home mom is that I can eat anything I want for lunch. That usually includes something like pasta…yes, I know. Who does that? I do! I LOVE pasta. I could eat it everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (P.S. I hate breakfast foods).

Current weight loss goals:

  • Stop eating pasta so often. I might even give it up completely for a week *gasp*
  • Eat less processed foods
  • Lose 10 pounds
  • Work out every day, even for 10 minutes (pilates, spin, workout video, or walking with Ben)
  • Experiment more with a vegan diet

Last summer I went vegan for a month. It was fun and exciting to try new things and figure out ways to change up a recipe. I didn’t exactly lose weight (eating vegan does mean more beans & pasta for me), but I think if I can just eat more vegan-ish, it would help. Taking cheese off something instead of using fake cheese. Things like that.

Ok, let’s do it!!

First, I need to start bookmarking some serious healthy recipes. 1) so I won’t get bored during this weight-loss challenge and 2) so I won’t just revert to eating a box of pasta when I am pressed for time. I need to be organized if I really am going to lose this weight. My scale has been stuck on the current number since last year, and that is just unacceptable!


That sounds like a good start! Most of these are very summery-ish dishes, which will be perfect for making at the beach. I also just got a slow cooker so I need to find more diet-friendly options for that. Right now I am overwhelmed but I am sure once I start making the right choices it will get easier!

I will try to hold myself accountable by writing HERE. Scary.

My sister-in-law introduced me to the LOSE IT app, which I am signed up for and ready to use! I also have been debating purchasing a Tone It Up diet plan. It costs $150, but people swear by it. And honestly, I know the biggest issue is my eating habits. That is the real reason those last 5 lbs (which feel and look like 20 lbs) aren’t coming off.

I also have been doing spin 1x a week and pilates at least 1x a week. I have been doing some of the Tone It Up youtube videos and just found 2 old Mari Windsor pilates DVD’s (which I am actually quite sore from this morning!) Also, Blogilates has a lot of great videos, including a beginner pilates one that is really tough.

So, wish me luck. I would love to not scare people off the beach this summer in LBI. And just feel comfortable in my own skin again! It’s been a long time.

UPDATE: As I post this, I have been using LostIt.com for 3 days and the scale is already changing slowly. Not that I feel any different, but I haven’t seen the # on that scale move in a year so I’m pretty happy. And…if that doesn’t prove I just eat WAY TOO MUCH, then I don’t know what does! Yay for possibly fitting in my jeans by summer!


4 thoughts on “Losing the Baby Weight

  1. You will do great! As I am sure you know, oftentimes the scale doesn’t even tell the real truth — it comes down to jeans and how you feel! I can’t wait to click thru and read more about those healthy recipes. A few caught my eye right away. Esp the sweet potato veggie burger because I have only tried homemade veggie patties once, and I think they were a miserable failure. Oh yeah, and pasta is the best — as is cheese and bread. 🙂

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