Using the Spiralizer

I bought this spiralizer last year and we only used it once. Dan grabbed some leftover potatoes we had that were definitely on the verge of going bad (if the huge eyes they had sprouting out all over means anything). He started spiralizing them, threw them in a pan with olive oil and salt & pepper, and….wow. Quickest, most delicious little snack. I could eat these all day long.


If anyone else has more creative uses for the spiralizer, I’d love to hear them!! Carrots in a salad? Cucumbers? There has to be more uses for this thing! In case you weren’t hungry, here’s a close-up.


Why hello, there.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Despite the rain we had a very nice weekend. Ben is starting to talk so much more and is just the happiest little man. Love this age!


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