Guest Post: Real Men Love Red Velvet

Today’s post is coming to you from the other man of the house, Dan (let’s face it, Ben is the main man of the house these days) which makes sense since he makes 90% of the recipes on this site. Disclaimer: I do not wear a retainer. 

This Valentine’s Day I wanted to surprise Lisa with a breakfast that knocked her retainer out. Not only does Lisa take care of me and our little energizer bunny, Ben, she does so without the slighest complaint, which is huge because I’m a major pain in the ass and Ben is a precious little mad man. I thought real hard and came up with the best idea: RED VELVET PANCAKES! Okay, I didn’t actually come up with this idea on my own; I need to express my graditude to Kitchen Konfidence for the recipe because these pancakes were redonkulously delicious. NOTE: Make sure to use 1 tablesoon of red food coloring or else your red velvet pancakes are going to look reddish brown or maroon, at best. Regardless, once these pancakes hit your lips, they’re so good!

GOOD NEWS: Lisa loved them and I won husband-of-the-year award
BAD NEWS: I want to make them everyday

Red Velvet Pancakes

Source: Kitchen Konfidence via foodgawker


4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Real Men Love Red Velvet

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