Mock Chicken Salad with Vegenaise

This is genius. I can’t believe I never knew about this before! I bought Vegenaise and have been really excited to try it out (and also really nervous). Then on Rachel Ray the other day, Gwyneth & Rachel are discussing their love for Vegenaise, even though neither of them are vegan. That made me really excited to try it! But, the problem – what to try it with? I am not eating tuna, or turkey…what else do you put mayo on?

Then I came across this recipe for “Mock Chicken Salad”. Basically you just mash chickpeas and add vegenaise and it’s delicious! I tried out 2 types – some with relish and then with kalamata olives. The relish won by a mile! It’s amazing! I just threw on a roll, and I felt like I was eating chicken salad. Enjoy!!


3 thoughts on “Mock Chicken Salad with Vegenaise

  1. Try this ! ( Mayo substitute)

    1/4c whole, raw almonds
    1/4c water
    1 ½ T lemon juice (I would not put this all in at once. it was a little too tart last time I made it but good the time before. Must depend on the lemon)
    sliver of fresh garlic
    spices/herbs/salt to taste
    3/4c safflower oil oil

    Blanch almonds, cool by running cold water over them for a bit and remove skins by slipping them off.*

    Blend almonds and water to a smooth paste.**

    Add lemon, garlic and spices. Blend again.

    With blender running, slowly drizzle oil in.

    * This is a very slippery process and you might want to blanch a few extra almonds so you end up with a whole 1/4c. Once you get your technique it is not too bad but at first I always lost a few when they went shooting out of the skins. Fun, but not really the point of the whole thing. The way that works best for me is to rotate the skin on the almond to loosen it, and then squeeze it directly into my other hand, which is cupped around it so it can’t get away.

    ** In my blender, this is a mess. Hopefully you have a smaller blender than me. Either way, it involves a lot of shutting off and scraping the sides. Shutting off the blender is an important step. I know from experience.

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