Product Review: Gardein Chicken Strips

Since Dan had a work dinner, my sister & her husband came over to keep me company tonight. (Noticing a pattern? I hate to be alone…) Anyway, to repay them for spending their evening with me and a cranky baby, I made them dinner!

I decided to try out these new Gardein Chicken strips I bought the day I decided to go veg. I just popped them in the oven and served them plain (Jeff and I used buffalo sauce, Laura ketchup…we are like children). They were fab! So delicious! I thought they tasted very chicken-like and are a great chicken sub. I am pretty sure Dan is going to enjoy them also.

A+ for Gardein! Can’t wait to try out their other products.

My next review will be on Vegenaise & Vegan parmesan cheese…I’m scared.


2 thoughts on “Product Review: Gardein Chicken Strips

  1. Lisa, These all look great!So happy for you that you are continuing this and I look forward to your recipes now!One question… is the faux-chicken made primarily ffrom soybeans, and if so, do you know if they are non-GMO? It's hard to find it and if it's free of the genetically modified beans, I am sold!!xoxo

  2. Hi Patty! I went onto their website and this is what it said:Is the soy in gardein™ non-GMO?yes. we only use 'identity-preserved' soy protein (which basically means, it helps to ensure us that our soy protein is not genetically modified).It's quite delicious, so I hope you can have them! We just got the regular plain ones, and they are great. Dan thought he was eating real chicken! It's nice to be able to share these recipes/vegan ideas with someone!!

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