3-Day Cleanse (aka the worst idea ever)

I decided to tackle the Kaeng Raeng cleanse…basically 3 days where you replace all meals with 3 fruit shakes. It’s all natural, vegan, non-GMO, etc etc etc. I have been battling at least 5 pounds of baby weight that won’t budge, and thought on top of cleansing my body of all the toxins I take in, maybe this will help me lose those last few pounds.

Day 1 – I had the blueberry, blackberry & banana shake first (b/c it looked the least appealing). It was gross. I feel nauseous. Not a great start! For lunch I did the peach, mango & pineapple which was a little more tasty. Still feeling pretty nauseous. I had to go out and buy some grapes and carrots to snack on….I needed something else! For dinner I had the strawberry, banana & pineapple…still gross. Suck it down, thinking I might cheat & have something like a kalamata olive to get this nasty taste out of my mouth. But I don’t…I go to bed and have completed the first day without cheating!! Yay!

Day 2 – Already down about 3 pounds this morning! I’m going to do the same order for breakfast, lunch & dinner again today. That seemed to work. I am wondering how I will get through 2 more days of this, though. That kalamata olive in the fridge is calling my name. (I loooove kalamata olives. I want to marry them.)

Later in Day 2 – I almost broke down. I wanted to cry. I was this close to vomiting all over myself. I was in a bad place. So I made the executive decision to not have a death shake for lunch, and instead to munch on something super tiny. Success! After a few bites of a tortilla, I didn’t want to kill myself anymore. I then went on to enjoy my dinner shake, and that was that! Not bad.

Day 3 – Had my 3 shakes, and a lot of watermelon. (And maybe a few of Ben’s cheerios that he was throwing at me during breakfast.) I love watermelon. But it’s no meal. For dinner I decided to have corn on the cob with my shake. Why not? Jersey corn is in season and it’s healthy. It’s not exactly part of the cleanse but the corn was calling my name. It was either that or pasta. Corn seemed more cleanse-ish. I still am pretty damn proud of myself.

Conclusion: I love food. And cleanses are stupid.

The only upside to this experience was I lost about 5 pounds or so (no scale here in LBI but I was down 4 pounds this morning). I’ll most likely re-gain it all back as I inhale my Tofu Burrito (minus the tofu-yech, extra hot sauce) from Living on the Veg tomorrow night. Yum!


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