Adventures in homemade babyfood!

I have been staying at the beach all week with my parents…a fun and easy way to keep on track with my new vegan-ness. They even have this amazing restaurant on the island, Living on the Veg, where everything is vegan! Delish! I am proud to say it has been one week and I have stayed dairy & meat free.

Last night Mom and I decided to attempt making our own babyfood. I’m on a health-kick…why not make Ben some super healthy food so he can get in on the action? We had fun and it was super easy peasy. We boiled a ginormous organic sweet potato & pureed it, then froze it in ice cube trays.

Our next concoction was organic Apples, Mangoes & Carrots. You just boil, puree and voila! Ben had some for breakfast this morning and seemed to enjoy it.

Looking forward to more adventures in homemade babyfood!


One thought on “Adventures in homemade babyfood!

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