Dan joins the revolution!

So last night we ventured out to Trader Joe’s to see what sort of fun vegetarian items we could find (and obviously stock up on cheap wine). No, not 2 buck chuck…we do have some class. Dan found some meatless meatballs he wanted to try. When we were living with my parents, we tricked Dan into having a meatless meatball and turns out he loved it! So he also picked up some whole wheat pizza dough and made a delicious meatball stromboli! To make the dinner extra fancy, we had some wine, too. I of course could not eat it b/c Dan needed cheese on it…but it looked delicious. See?

To top off our vegetarian evening, Dan had a delicious kahlua and almond milk as a night-cap. Cheers!

So, it’s official! Dan has joined the dark side. Well, at least at home he has. Today we are going to Maplewoodstock and I see many hot dogs in his future. As for me, I’m sticking to it!


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